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Happy Life and Happy Gas

Hey there, sweet friends!  Happy New Year!!! I wanted to start out this new year with something real, open, and honest.  I have had many friends, co-workers, and even family members ask me how I am juggling a brand new job as a CRNA, a blog, and managing to spend time with family.  And here's my honest to goodness answer...prioritizing.

Family, for me, has always come first.  While Matt and I are on pretty opposite schedules for the most part, when we are having "us time" we solely focus on each other.  We try not to answer phone calls, texts, or access social media. This is something we have done since we started dating eight years ago and has allowed us to establish ourselves and really grow in communication.

As for my job, becoming a nurse anesthetist has been a dream.  I love caring for people; and being able to see a patient through the entire perioperative period while keeping them relaxed, comfortable, restful, and pain-free is so rewarding.  (See this blog post for my journey on becoming a CRNA).  Having said this, it can be a stressful career. I mean, you do have a person's life in your hands while they are undergoing surgery.  So after a long day of work, I don't necessarily feel like getting dressed up, blogging, or posting to Instagram.  My hair is an absolute wreck from being shoved up in a scrub hat, my lipstick has been smeared off by my surgical mask, and I've probably rubbed my eyes leaving only a dismal smudge of eyeliner.  While my day has been fulfilled with putting patients to sleep, now I'm ready to jump into my own pajamas - and sometimes I actually do that!

So how do I have time for photos?  I take a day per month for a photoshoot that will include enough pictures for that entire month or longer.  For instance, I went out to my grandpa's farmhouse to take the majority of the pictures for months November through December.  I set my camera up on my tripod, focus it in, and set it on a timer so I don't have to ask lots of people to take the pictures...haha!  Sure, Matt and I may take a photo here or there when a mile marker or holiday comes along.  But, like I said before, it's all about priority!

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  1. You are the most genuine and loving person! A true inspiration and model for young women!!

    (BTW, the title of this post cracks me up!)