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This Land is Made for You and Me

Oh my goodness, y'all! We have land! Matt and I have had this on our checklist for as long as I can remember. It is in the perfect location with easy access to both of our jobs...and the layout of the land is ideal for our dream home!

But before I get too far, I want to pay homage to the other places that we have resided in the past, along with where we are living right now.  When Matt and I first got out of college, we decided to rent a small apartment together in the Kentucky town that we now call "home".  It was ideal for the both of us and in a prime location for our jobs at the time.  An even better advantage of this first apartment (or more dangerous - you can decide) was the easy walking distance to Panera, the Mexican restaurant, and the mall!  

We moved away from "home" to our second house, located in northeastern Kentucky when Matt began his career as a policeman.  While this townhouse was small, it still holds a near and dear place in our hearts.  We had no family nearby and really relied on each other for unconditional love and support.  We made lifelong friends that we still visit regularly, found ourselves invested in a phenomenal church life group, and had one of the sweetest elderly neighbors that we would swap homemade Christmas candy with every year.  

After a few years in northeastern Kentucky, we made our way back home when a police officer position opened up.  I was still going to nurse anesthetist school in Morehead, Kentucky, which made the drive back home on the weekends pretty strenuous...but totally worth it!  We currently rent a duplex with a master suite, a basement, and a fenced-in backyard for our pups to run freely - just a few of our favorite features. We also share a wall with another sweet elderly couple that is never afraid to share kind words with us and feed the squirrels in our front yard.  It has become surreal at how complete and whole our lives have become, now that I am finished with school.  Matt and I are invested in our fantastic church life group, are always surrounded by countless friends and family, and most importantly - enjoying each other's company.

God has truly blessed us over the years with the many roofs that have been placed over our heads.  We have learned that it is not the house that makes the home, but the people and love that are inside it. We have loved each and every home we have lived in...and we cannot wait to build our new home on this land to create many more memories together.

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  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to see your home you build on your land!!