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Wastin' Bullets

{Pre-Season Clay Pigeon Practice}

Matt is a phenomenal outdoorsman.  Whether hunting, fishing, hiking, or scouting, being physically outdoors is Matt's happy place.  But let's get one thing straight, I taught him how to hunt when we first started dating...haha!

Matt grew up on a dairy farm and inherited the outdoorsman gene from his Gramps.  As a little boy, he would watch his Gramps shoot crows with a .22 and even tried his hand at squirrel hunting (once) with his godfather.  Hunting was never something he really pursued, though, until we met in 2009 and I took him deer hunting on his own land.  I created a monster.

Matt took the small amount of knowledge of hunting that I knew and has grown into the ultimate outdoorsman.  Ask him anything about fishing or duck, dove, deer, and turkey hunting, and I guarantee he'll have the answer!

His favorite seasons have transitioned from deer and turkey to duck and dove - and he is thrilled that duck season is just around the corner.  I love seeing him so passionate about such a fulfilling sport, especially when he prays a thankful prayer after each hunt.  Duck season, here we come!

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