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Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame

I'll be honest. For the past couple of years, Matt and I have been juggling a few college football teams - attempting to find one that fit "us" as a couple.  We jumped on the bandwagon with Alabama for a few years, followed University of Kentucky for a while because we are avid UK basketball fans, and then tried out Ole Miss since we were fascinated by the idea of tailgating at The Grove (something we are still going to participate in next month just for fun).

But this past weekend at Notre Dame has changed our college football fandom forever.  The sights, the tradition, the camaraderie. We have never been so pumped up for an entire football game - especially between rival teams like the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and USC Trojans.

We started out or weekend getaway at an awesome dive restaurant called Taphouse on the Edge to grab a bite to eat before touring the campus and checking in our hotel.  It was flooded with fans donning navy and green - us included!

The campus was absolutely jaw-dropping!  We partook in the praying of the Rosary at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, located on Notre Dame's campus, and praying at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.  This was a very touching moment for Matt and me, but Matt especially, since he grew up in the Catholic church and attended Catholic school since kindergarten.  The football team even prays the Lord's Prayer over the jumbotron with the fans before the game.

Okay - our seats were insane!! Nothing like being right at the end zone - especially when Notre Dame beat USC 49-14!!  I think it's safe to say, we finally found our college football team.  Go Irish!!


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