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We're just so Proud to be Here

Hi there, sweet friends! 

Matt and I are so excited to be launching our new and improved blog...together! While y'all are more than welcome to click on the "About Us" link in the top navigation bar or on our picture in the right hand column, I'll tell you a little bit about ourselves here, too.  My name is Kayla Berry and I'm married to my best friend and college sweetheart, Matt. We have been together for the eight best years of my life and married for three of those years. Situated in a charming Kentucky town, Matt is currently a city police officer and I will be starting my career as a certified registered nurse anesthetist at our local hospital in just a few short weeks! We have three fur babies - our cat, Sir Purr, and two labs, Emmy and Bo.

We have definitely been through a whirlwind of school throughout our dating and married lives. I am one lucky lady to have Matt beside me during all eight consecutive school years to achieve my doctorate in nurse anesthesia dream.  Unfortunately, tons of school meant tons of time apart.  We only saw each other on weekends for nearly two out of our three years of marriage. So now that school and boards are finally in the past, we decided to launch a blog that documented this new chapter in our lives together! 

So here's the breakdown on what to expect with our blog.  Matt and I love all things travel and outdoors - whether it be attending sports games, hunting, fishing, concerts, beach vacations, you name it! We also love to play host and hostess, so recipes and home styling tips will be featured here as well as a few masculine and feminine fashion ideas.  While I will be doing the majority of the writing, believe me when I say Matt will be contributing his fair share as well (especially in the hunting department).  Thank you so much for reading Eat, Drink, and Be Berry! We can't wait to get to know you!


  1. So excited for both of you, and for this new chapter in your marriage together! This is such a fun way to share that with all of us. Lots of love! ��

    1. Thank you so much, Kaitlin! We are so excited to start this brand new chapter and share our stories with everyone! Love you bunches, sweet girl!